Current Conditions

75*Air Temp
75Water Temp
11 MPH SWWind Speed
5:40 AMHigh Tide
11:58 AMLow Tide
6:01 AMSunrise
8:20 PMSunset

Surf Report

Rating: 1

Swell: SW 3.6 ft 5 sec

Wetsuit Reconmendation: Spring top

Surface Conditions: Textured

Board Recomendation: Longboard

Thursday 6/4 morning forecast: **Wrightsville Beach Lifts Restrictions on Beach Activities, reopens 6 Parking lots 5/20 at 5 pm*** A small, windy summer day is expected for your Tuesday, A tiny South windswell trickling in the knee high range at best. Couple that with a hard SW wind and high tide first thing in the morning, and it''s not looking too promising. Maybe around midday the lower tide will help it out some. We are open 9-7.