Current Conditions

78*Air Temp
75Water Temp
10 MPH EWind Speed
3:19 PMHigh Tide
4:13 PMLow Tide
6:00 AMSunrise
8:26 PMSunset

Surf Report

Rating: 2

Swell: ENE 2.5 FT @ 5 SECONDS

Wetsuit Reconmendation: Baggies/Top

Surface Conditions: Clean

Board Recomendation: Longboard/fish

Sunday 6/16 Morning Forecast: Some minor ENE windswell is rolling through for your Sunday morning along with some ENE winds causing some textured conditions. Its looking like it is going to be pretty tattered but definitely some loggable waves still rolling through. We will be here from 11:30am till 6:00pm.