Current Conditions

67*Air Temp
68Water Temp
11 MPH WWind Speed
3:47 PMHigh Tide
9:52 AMLow Tide
6:16 AMSunrise
7:59 PMSunset

Surf Report

Rating: 1

Swell: S 0.6ft at 8 seconds

Wetsuit Reconmendation: 2mm s/s Full

Surface Conditions: Slight Bump

Board Recomendation: Fish

Saturday 5/8 morning forecast: Another no swell day expected to start your weekend, with waves knee high or less. It should be a light offshore breeze in the morning, so if we are surprised with a little swell, it will be groomed. I''ll take a look at sunrise, but my hopes are as low as Shakira can limbo. If you''re around the beach tomorrow stop by and see us, we''re here 9am-8pm.