Current Conditions

76*Air Temp
75Water Temp
1 MPH EWind Speed
7:38 AMHigh Tide
1:37 PMLow Tide
5:57 AMSunrise
8:22 PMSunset

Surf Report

Rating: 1

Swell: ESE 0.6 ft 9 sec

Wetsuit Reconmendation: Spring top

Surface Conditions: Choppy

Board Recomendation: Longboard

Friday 6/5 Morning Forecast: **Wrightsville Beach Lifts Restrictions on Beach Activities, reopens 6 Parking lots 5/20 at 5 pm*** We have another small summer day on tap with the occasional thigh high wave rolling thru, mostly in the knee high range, the right equipment is essential for your success. With the changing wind direction there may be some decent swell throughout the mid-day. We are open 9-7.